Couples Therapy

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it’.  – A Course in Miracles
  • Are you struggling with your partner?
  • Feeling frustrated, stuck, anxious or stressed in your marriage/relationship?
  • You cannot talk about anything without a fight or avoid talking about some things entirely because it is not worth the headache.
  • Are you living together but separate lives?
  • Are you currently single and tired of dead end relationships and looking for long lasting love?

Couples come for therapy when one or both partners are expressing distress or dissatisfaction in the relationship. The content of this distress can be anything from feeling a lack of intimacy, emotional closeness or physical desire to issues involving communication, affairs, the possibility of separation or divorce, parenting issues or lack of meaning and connection. My approach to working with couples invites both partners to express themselves authentically and identify their needs. We will work together to develop ways of communication that helps resolve conflict and bring awareness and closeness to the couples relationship.

I see lots of distressed couples who seem hopelessly emotionally gridlocked. Some withdraw from each other and avoid critical issues. Others have volatile conflicts that leave both partners hurt and angry.

Couples therapy can help you: 
  • Stop pointing fingers and identify each partner's roles in repeated negative interactions
  • Get beyond circular arguments
  • Give up defensive stances
  • Discuss loaded issues
  • Take responsibility for change and make it happen
  • Build a satisfying relationship

Overall Gains

Couples' results vary because their gains are largely determined by their own efforts. Changing your relationship requires talking things out, and then doing things differently.

If you're willing to do that, Couples Therapy can help you develop:
  • Self-respect and respect for each other
  • Authentic communication in a non-threatening way
  • A strong collaborative alliance
  • Greater emotional resilience and commitment
If you want a book an initial assessment in order to meet and discuss how therapy can benefit you, please contact me to arrange a convenient date and time.

Sessions are for either 60 minutes for £80 or 90 Minutes for £110.

Please contact me either on, my mobile 07903419703 or using my contact page.