“For almost four decades I procrastinated over inner questions about my identity, my purpose in life and my existence on this earth. Mentally, emotionally and physically, I fuelled interpretations of these questions. Society led me sleepily towards numerous environments of change; they were all so alien to me and I felt nothing. I couldn’t see beyond nor traverse the walls, obstacles and hurdles that always seemed to be in my way; I was not living and I remained an observer in life. I was starting to feel tired, my fuel was spent and I was unravelling. For the first time in my life, I had to reach out to someone and ask for help. It’s almost two years now and in that time Sadiye has guided me through the above, identified revelations in my timeline and so much more. My time in counselling is truly and selfishly my own time. During my sessions, I feel free, at ease and I can be myself with a fellow human being. A warmth has permeated through me these last few months which I can only describe as being aware and living life as me.”
M.C, Epsom, 2013

“I went to see Sadiye at a really difficult point in my life…I was having relationship problems and feeling confused, anxious and quite low.  Sadiye guided me and helped me organise and understand my thoughts and work out  what is right for me…this was done by someone who genuinely cares about what she does, extremely intuitive, easy to talk and non judgemental..   My experience has been fantastic and life Changing and i finally feel a new understanding of who I am”.
K. T, Epsom, 2013

“It’s difficult to express how much I have benefited from my course of counselling with Sadiye. I sought counselling after a difficult relationship break-up which left me very anxious and lacking in confidence. This was affecting many aspects of my life – both personally and professionally. I put off asking for help but am so pleased to have found Sadiye. She provided a friendly, non-judgemental environment in which I could open up to explore my feelings, attitudes and behaviours. Sadiye helped me to view situations and relationships in a different way, which in turn has helped me to become more confident and less anxious. I have gained a lot of insight and awareness through my counselling sessions which has been enormously beneficial, not only in improving my self-esteem, but also to my personal relationships and work situations.
V.S, Epsom, 2013

“After almost 20 years of marriage we had reached the point of no return and had decided there was no point in continuing, life was just too hard. My husband persuaded me to at least give counselling a try and then, if after 6 weeks, I still felt the same we would split.  It was immediately apparent that Sadiye was fair and unbiased between us and only concerned with the effect our behaviours were having on each other. Through a course of structured discussions, dialogues and identifying relationship priorities we soon came to realise we had numerous unresolved issues spanning the length of our marriage. Communication was a massive issue but Sadiye paved the way for proper communication to begin in earnest. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been so worthwhile. Our marriage has been renewed and is much stronger than before, we actually enjoy each other’s company once again and Sadiye has given us new hope.
M. J, Epsom, 2013

Sadiye helped me through the most difficult time in my life, my long marriage had broken down, I was feeling extremely lost, emotional,weak and confused with no self esteem.   After my first meeting with Sadiye I knew immediately she was different from the counsellor I’d tried previously.   I wanted to be able to carry her around in my hand bag and take her everywhere with me, as she had an exceptional way about her, the way she seem to fully understand and empathise with how I was feeling and what I was going through.   Sadiye helped me to cope and to understand so much more about myself and how we and others behave they way we do sometimes.   I learnt to become strong again and to have self worth I started to become myself again and I will always be  truly grateful for the help she gave me through an extremely emotional sad time in my life.
C.B, Epsom, 2014